Our products

Wooden reels

We manufacture wooden reels with a diameter ranging from 400mm up to 3300mm.

Flange thickness, arbor hole, cable slot (start hole) and drive pin hole can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Plywood reels

Our plywood reels are available with flange diameter of 200mm up to 1250mm. Drum cores are made by metal, plastic-pvc or hard paper, moreover we use normal iron rods or pressed iron tube.

Wooden reels for conveyor belt

We produce 5 different kind of barrels for conveyor belts. Diameters are 230mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm and length from 400mm up to 3000mm.

Wooden reels for fiber optics

Upon our clients request, we can produce any kind of wooden reels for sensitive cables.

Special constructions

We have, through the years, successfully met the challenges of understanding and accommodating our customers most demanding and varying specifications.


Our company can build all the common types of wooden pallets, with both two and four entrances for forklifts, as well as any specification required.

All our pallets can be certified according to the ISPM-15 standard.

Wooden boxes

We produce any kind of wooden boxes from pine, fir, poplar, sea plywood for works of art, machines, furnitures... We supply carriers and industries. Our company can provide any kind of wooden packaging solution.

Packaging lumber

We have large quantities of sawn lumber for packaging from spruce, pine and aspen, available to the dimensions and specifications of customers. We also have the appropriate electromechanical equipment to produce packaging timber with the appropriate configuration required by the customer such as gully for hoop, holes, edging, shoulder, etc.

Industrial furniture

We supply private individual and businesses (cafés, restaurants, bars, beach bars) with industrial furniture made from wooden pallets, wooden reels and wooden boxes, on demand and based on specific requirements by each client.